Tactile Feedback is a multimedia essay/visual combination, about out fragile digital world.

Tactile Feedback (2022, as exhibited in A4 Sounds)

Tactile Feedback was the output from my semester in the Microstudios Project in 2022, as part of Studio+ in NCAD. It was exhibited in the Summer of 2022 in A4 Sounds in the group show from students doing Microstudios, "Are You In Here?".

The output of this project was a multimedia installation, with images from an AI model, based on hands designed for artists to draw, alongside an essay discussing bit rot online, ownership of the self and your data in the age of social media hypersaturation, and was partly made in response to both Elon Musk initiating his plans to buy Twitter and the name change of Meta, both from around the time of this development.

I see this piece as the first that feels recognisable as part of my current practice, even still. I hope you like it.

The visuals from Tactile Feedback. They were generated by myself using a GAN during spring 2022.

You can still read the essay here. As always, feel free to contact me about this work if you'd like more information.