Repost; Remake was my show in the 2023 NCAD Works. It was a reflection on the power and value of memes, in a culture that mostly sees them as something like an acessory to culture, rather than something more central.

The Plotter Installation from Repost; Remake

This work was a combination of a few different elements. It had a plotter installation, 5 etchings (all of which were made with the plotter), and a risograph publication.

An image of the plotter from Repost; Remake.
The plotter installation, featuring the screen that displayed the meme currently being drawn at that moment.

The plotter was a central part of the installation. It's linked in with an online service, that allows viewers to upload an image and have it redrawn by the plotter.

This allowed the creation of real life collages over time, which you can see below.

An image of the plotter's output.
A Composite containing a variety of drawing from Repost; Remake, as submitted by users during the exhibition.

Alongside that, the folling etchings were on display:

A picture of the etching 'British lads hit each other with chair'.
British lads hit each other with chair (2023) - Etching on Fabriano Paper.

These were a linear development throughout my time in NCAD, as I development my practice and my self. All of these were made while the plotter was being built and the tech developed, as a way of testing the plotter before the exhibition.

A picture of the etching 'Portrait of an Artist at 12 Years Old'.
Portrait of an Artist at 12 Years Old (2023) - Etching on Fabriano Paper.
A picture of the etching 'Untitled'.
Untitled (2023) - Etching on Fabriano Paper.

All of them were displayed on a wallpaper, titled "Wallpaper of a well known wallpaper". This was a somewhat ironic piece, giving (a recreation of) one the one of world's most well known wallpaper Bliss, as featured in Windows XP, the materiality of a wallpaper. It helped set the tone and context for the work, as well as being a centrepiece of the exhibition.

A photo of the wallpaper installation in the exhibition, with five etchings visible on it.
Wallpaper of a well known wallpaper - Digitally printed wallpaper (2m x 3m).

The last part of this was a risograph publication, I don't think we were made for this, a combination essay and visual collage, printed on risograph. It was available at the time of the exhibition, and may go on sale again.

Check the shows page out on the NCAD Works Page.